Civil work

The reforms in complete work is a fundamental pillar in our company

Obrahotel is a single company, the result of the union of great professionals with proven experiences in Civil Works in the Hotel and Residential Sector, Obrahotel offers its services for the construction and reform of Hotels, residential, etc., being a reference company in the sector in as far as quality and finishes are concerned, and always in the times that our Clients require to achieve the openings within the term and budget, in order to avoid surprises or deviations to our Clients.

Hotel renovations

A hotel must offer the best comforts and the most complete service if it wishes to distinguish itself within an ever-increasing offer and an ever-increasing demand from its guests. Our work system adapts to the designs and creations of decorators, architects and interior designers, and always within tight budgets related to the requested qualities. For this we have our own highly specialized staff in the different items that make up a work.

As in the rest of the services that Obrahotel offers, one of our great assets is our personalized service, which has led us to maintain a constant portfolio of clients.

Our Services in the reform of Hotels and civil works range from the reform of rooms, common areas, facades, bathrooms and in general any work related to construction, either from scratch being a totally new construction, until reaching a comprehensive reform of existing buildings.

Following our policy of personalized treatment, we will be happy to show you our work in the buildings where we have done it.

Turnkey service

In many cases we carry out the ‘Keys in Hand’ service so that our clients do not worry about the usual coordination that works and reforms entail.

For this, in addition to the own professionals that our company has in the different services we provide, we also have a great team of regular collaborators so that in each case, and always depending on the project, we offer you the best result so that your business be number 1.

The ´Keys in hand´ service can be complete or partial, sometimes integrating companies or collaborators that our Clients have as usual, this being a totally open system and to be defined in each case.