Hotel equipment

High technology applied to hotel equipment

Buffets with exclusive designs and above all with high production and circulation features. Kitchens adapted to the needs of your business, design. Comprehensive equipment for your cafeteria … we study and develop the most advantageous project so that your business is at the height of new concepts and fashions, in which design and technology are an indispensable part of our way of life.


Own production of Buffet furniture, which allows us to manufacture with the totally current Designs and Concepts that the sector needs today, modern and technologically prepared so that your Buffet is the most functional, and always complying with the regulations in force in each case.

Dynamic Buffets: Obrahotel’s great commitment, which in recent years has developed in favor of a different way of understanding the Buffet service in hotels. It is not a Show Coocking, it is much more and of course it is about the future in terms of Buffets.


The reduced spaces or the reduced areas of passage do not represent any difficulty for our technical department, which guarantees the necessary operations and, of course, safety in all aspects to have the most practical and functional work area according to the needs of the business . In this section, in addition to cooking elements, we also have the best cleaning equipment for dishes, stainless steel furniture and endless equipment for proper preparation, handling and hygiene of kitchen areas.

Cafeteria equipment

Integral furniture in confined spaces or specially manufactured furniture with all kinds of materials and finishes, are our answer to the most common problems in spaces in the cafeteria area. From prefabricated bars with an express assembly, to work bars, with an infinite number of possible finishes and decorations, all adapted to your business. ‘

Industrial cold

From autonomous independent systems, passing to centralized cold systems, both in refrigerant gas and with water and with controls from the simplest to the latest generation remote management automatisms. The reduced spaces or the zones bypassed in passage do not represent any difficulty for our Technical department that guarantees the necessary security for an optimal conservation of the food.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is now essential to create adequate temperature and humidity conditions within any building or enclosed area. At Obrahotel, we are up-to-date in terms of regulations and market innovations in reference to products and services.
Going from residential facilities to large assemblies for hotels, we have the necessary experience to ensure the success of your establishment. Always adapting the budget and benefits to the indications of the Client.

In our projects we show great interest in the integration of air conditioning in the decoration of your business. From the most discreet entrances and exits to the most decorative and eye-catching, we always study all the alternatives depending on the activity and style of your premises.

Fume extraction

Study, installation and commissioning of industrial extractor hoods of different dimensions according to the needs of each client, wall or central hoods with or without automatic fire extinguishing and motors according to regulations resistant to 400ª / 2h, are some of the examples that we have in our varied range of products.